Eat Sleep Be Happy

Woke up at 3am this morning and summited Capitol Peak 6hrs later, One of the most dangerous 14ers in CO. The knife’s edge has death drops on both sides. made it back alive! Did some Class 5 climbing with just a few hundred feet drops beneath me. Twas such an adrenaline rush!


Almost to K2/Capitol Peak Found Marmots Fighting over wet dirt!

Coincidence I think Not…

Last year I picked Java up on August 2nd, along with theglintinmyeye at the airport. Java has been a wonderful dog, and I really love her (and currently miss her)

This year on August 2nd we’re getting married (Emily and I) 1 year apart exactly and I will be getting to keep my most favorite person in the world by my side forever. 

Also, the day I picked up Java I was not thinking ya know 1yr from now exactly I should get married.

But I got 2 of the things I’ve always wanted exactly a year apart. how awesome is that???

Dream Girl. Dream of Having a Dog.

What’s next year going to bring I wonder?


That sink though.

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Old picture of Java I found on my camera…she looks so intimidated by the world….and cute!

She’s Trying to Smile!! :)

Welp I miss @theglintinmyeye

So I’ve been in CO for a few days now (since Saturday Morning). It’s definitely not the same without Emily. She brings so much more joy to my life than I realize whilst in Fargo. Anyway I’ll get to see her in less than 10 days so that’s pretty neat.

Also, my new job out here for the summer is going great. I got to just jump right into the program and get started with some CDRs and PDRs. so that was pretty neat. Also got to touch and play with some cool stuff today. That was also pretty neat. The detail was so good on the things I was looking at.

I wish I could say more…but ITAR…

Anywho it’ll be a good summer I think…

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Sr. Design

senior design…senior design….senior sign….senior siii…..senior slliiiii….senior sllliiiiidddddeeeee…..down an engine….whoops….hope we get some parts. 



Should’ve done this to my subaru!!!

New Truck

I got a new truck last week….welll yesterday if you count when I paid for it and picked it up even though it was sitting in my name at the dealership with a couple bucks down.

It’s a 2007 Ford F-150 Supercrew with a 6.5ft bed. Emily and I first decided this would be the truck we should get, a “dream truck,” since a jeep isn’t quite functional for the 2 of us and our trips with Java. After a while we discovered: DANG a supercrew with a 6.5ft bed with 100k miles or less is SUPER expensive for college students, even if we’re getting paid to go to school….But we ran across a super good deal. So it’s pretty neat. 

Anywho, I drove the truck around alone today to the store because I was at home sick all day and I got bored, so I went and got Emily coffee while she was at work then just went straight home and waited for her to get off work. It was a weird feeling to drive such a large truck so much different than anything I’ve ever driven of my own before, Here’s all why:

1) IT HAS A SUNROOF!?!? I had one of these when I used my parents subaru for 3months, it was awesome, I loved it…I missed that, sunroofs are nice and everyone should have them…So that was fun again..

2) IT HAS SOO MUCH POWER?!? With the hefty 5.4L V8 with a cold air intake it is nice to feel like you’re barely hitting the gas pedal for once to get anywhere, however it burns way more gas so that’s sad…But still, I don’t need to almost floor it to get anywhere, it’s all so smooth…I really liked that

3) WHERE’S MY SHIFTER!?!? I was really sad when I was driving around without a 5spd manual transmission anymore. I realized a manual is fun for a bachelor with no one in the car or to show your buddies, but as you grow up you realize, it’s nice to use the manual when you’re alone and out for a drive, but it just gets you used to having too much control, so the surprises of an automatic were interesting…I miss my Subaru

4) IT COSTS SOO MUCH!?!? If I did simple budget analysis I could have bought not 3, not 4, but 5.75 of my subarus, which would have yielded me about 3 actual subarus for the number of issues I would have run into. SO I hope it becomes very worth it on all of our awesome adventures together over the next lots of years

5) IT STILL COSTS ALOT!? I plan to buy our next car with straight cash, even if my loan is less than half of what I paid for the car….the hassel it’s so big…so here’s to that!

6) HEY!! SHE’S A NICE TRUCK…bittersweet is all I have to say

7) I AM EXCITED TO TAKE THIS TRUCK TO ALASKA ON OUR HONEYMOON WITH WHAT WILL THEN BE MY AWESOME WIFE!!!….still waiting for her to be my wife until August 2nd though…so patience is key…

8) Happy Birthday, Easter, Graduation, Wedding Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years, Birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving Christmas to me and Emily Truck!

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